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About Seminoize

Founded in 2012 by Martin Contel, Seminoize offers freelance 3D/CG/VFX and Interactive Creativity through bytes and pixels.

About Martin Contel

Although a computer enthusiast and pixel lover since childhood, Terminator 2 was the inspiration that prompted this Barcelonian to focus on a career in visual effects.

He began his quest in 1997 when he was just nineteen at some of Spain’s largest post-production facilities, but six years and four companies later, eager to grow professionally, he decided to cross over the border. His journey first took him to London to work for The Mill for several years, moving later to Glassworks London and then Glassworks Amsterdam, finally coming back home where he helped with the launch of Glassworks Barcelona.

In October 2012, he decides it’s the right time to offer the same high-end visual effects quality from bigger companies, but this time on his own. He launches Seminoize.

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Martin Contel

+34 607 319 092